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extracts from The Ghost Twin Tales published by Pinestein Press ...

A Visit to Copper Tree Farm

     Snaaaaarrgh! came the noise from the purple-covered bed as the alive girl let out a room-shaking snore. Wiggle watched the sheets rise and fall as the girl breathed in and out.

     “I’m going to check the bed,” he said.

     Before Woo could argue, Wiggle had slipped under the duvet. Woo watched as it floated up into the air. There on the bed was a pair of purple pajamas with the snoring alive girl tucked inside.

     "What a scary, scary alive!" shrieked Woo.
     The girl shivered and grabbed for the duvet. Wiggle let it fall just in time.

     “Come over here,” said Woo, hovering over the girl’s dresser. “I found a trinket box! I bet my watch is in here.”

     “It’s the perfect hiding place for a watch!” agreed Wiggle.

     “And guess what ... it’s purple!” giggled Woo. She slowly lifted the lid off the box. The inside was lined with deep purple velvet.

     “Well?” asked Wiggle. “Anything in there?”

     “It’s too dark to see,” said Woo. She felt around in the box. “There’s something round like a ring. And maybe a necklace.”

Hosting a Ghostling

     “We can’t go haunting tonight, Wiggle,” said Woo.

     “Why not?” asked Wiggle. “You sick or something?”

      “I’m fine," said Woo with a smile. "We can't go haunting because we're ghostsitting.”

     “Ghostsitting!” Wiggle shouted. “No way!”

      “Uncle Scare and Auntie Fright are going to the Haunt Awards!” said Woo. "Isn't it exciting?"

      “Not if it means we're ghostsitting their little monster!" said Wiggle.

      “Little cousinTee Hee is not a monster,” said Woo. “She's a cute little ghostling!” Woo’s green eyes glowed as she watched her brother bob up and down on a gentle air current.

     “Cute little ghostling?” he said.  “More like a rowdy little tornado! That kid destroys everything in her path.”

     “Don’t be mean, Wiggle.”

     "Sorry, Woo," said Wiggle. "But I don't see a tornado in MY forecast tonight. She's all yours!" Wiggle glided past his sister. "I'm going haunting."

The Mansion of Music
     A giant-sized man with wild red hair sat on a wooden chair. Wiggle and Woo leaned over the balcony to get a better look.

     “His eyes are closed,” said Wiggle. And he’s swaying along with his flute music.”
     “What enormous hands!” said Woo. “And such crazy hair!”

     Wiggle snorted, “He looks like he’s asleep!”

     “Ssh!” said Woo, swaying to the music. She lifted her gown and stepped into a cheerful dance.

     Wiggle laughed. “No time for dancing,” he said. ”There’s much more fun to be had downstairs!”
     “Don’t you dare!” said Woo. But she was too late. Wiggle flew at top speed down to the second floor, aiming straight for the man’s head. As sson as he reached his target, Wiggle whooshed straight up through the man’s red hair!

     “Stop it!” shouted Woo. She flew after Wiggle, stopping just short of the man’s forehead. She slowly reached inside the fuzzy red mane, feeling around for Wiggle.

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Munch the Storyteller

     Once upon a Munchtime, there was a cow called Munch. Munch loved telling stories. She told stories

about dragons and unicorns, fairies and elves. Sometimes she told stories about Chew and Chomp

and Crunch, the animals on the farm where he lived.

     The animals loved Munch’s stories. They listened and munched, listened and munched. The cows

munched grass, the sheep munched turnips and the pigs munched pig swill, which looked and

smelled disgusting.

     One day, while Munch was telling a story about a dragon with a golden tail, a trailer arrived at the


     “A new animal,” said Chew.

      The animals turned to look. A big brown horse called Nibble clopped out of the trailer and began to

nibble the grass, a few feet away.

     “Come and listen to Munch,” called Chomp, the pig. But Nibble nibbled .

     “He’s getting to the best part,” shouted Chew, the sheep, “You don’t want to miss this!” But

     Nibble nibbled on.

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 Letters to Africa

Grandma's Birthday Meal

     Henry arrived home from school. “What’s for dinner?” he asked.

     “We haven’t decided yet,” said Charity.

     Henry said they had better hurry , as Gran would be home soon. He wanted to have chicken

and chips; Charity groaned and said he always wanted chicken and chips. Then Henry suggested

caterpillars but they’d eaten them the day before.

     In the kitchen, Anna poured the maize flour paste into the saucepan of boiling water. She stirred with

a wooden spoon until the mixture became thick like porridge. Then she left it to simmer.

     Charity, Patience and Henry were still arguing in the other room. “Fish,” said Patience.

     “No, beef,” said Henry.

Let's Play

     “Aren’t you coming to Sport in Action?” asked Fostina.

     Millika held onto the basket with one hand. “I can’t come. I had to study...”

     “I know,” said Fostina, “but...”

     “ ...and now I have to go to market to sell this fruit.” She lowered the basket. It was full to the brim of

mangoes, pineapples, bananas and paw paw.

     “But why can’t your mum sell the fruit?”

     “She’s not well,” explained Millika. “My sister brought the fruit to school for me.”

     “Can’t your sister sell it then?” pleaded Fostina. “We really need you, Millika.”

      Millika shook her head. “She has to cook the dinner.” She set off along the path, struggling to balance

the basket on her head. Fostina grabbed the basket and put it on her own head. She steadied it with

one hand. With the other, she grabbed Millika by the wrist and dragged her towards the field.

     “What are you doing, Fostina? I need to go to market.”

     “No,” said Fostina. “You need to go to the field. We need you to help with the games.”

Why Do Monkeys Live Up Trees?

Now, Monkey was naughty
by nature, you see.
He tied Bushcat’s tail to
a branch of the tree.

Bushcat was mad when
she woke up and found
her beautiful tail
to a tree had been bound.

She twisted like this
and she twisted like that,
but twisting’s no use
to a poor, tree-bound cat.

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