Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Electric Literature: 4th edition

The following post is a newsletter from the editors of Electric Literature, a fabulous online magazine showcasing quality stories from talented writers across the globe:

Harrowing tales of heart-stopping brilliance: EL4 is out now!!

The wait is over! Our new issue, Electric Literature No.4, is available now, and it’s our most exciting collection yet.

From ghost hunting with Javier Marías, the novelist described by Roberto Bolaño as "by far Spain's best writer today", to Ben Stroud’s tale of a destitute cripple sent by his emperor to destroy a holy man, to Pulitzer-finalist Joy Williams' terrible and beautiful fable about Baba Iaga and her pelican child, to Mexican writer Roberto Ransom’s master fresco painter and the conservationist who tries to recapture his magic hundreds of years later, to Patrick deWitt’s chronicle of a man known only as “The Bastard,” the stories in this issue recall the simple pleasure of tale-telling, and celebrate the joy and wonder of escaping into a vividly imagined world.
Order your copy today in the format of your choice, or subscribe and get 4 issues of EL at up to 60% off the cover price!!

Like a Rolling Stone

Momentum. Propulsion. EL has been in the press a bunch since we last spoke. June and July brought print coverage in Writer’s Digest, Bomb Magazine, Interview, Paper, the LA Times, and GQ, a PodCast on MediaBistro, and a TV spot on Brian Lehrer Live!.

Friendship is Rare

When we were in an MFA program three years ago, there was a lot of pessimism about the future of literary content. We created Electric Literature as an experiment: could we take the forces that seem to threaten literature and marshal them in its defense? Could new media and innovative distribution help keep literature a vital part of popular culture?

Our journal is possible because of the work of more than 40 volunteers, and thankfully, we've been successful so far. Electric Literature has over 150,000 readers following us on Twitter (more than any other publisher in the world) and is successfully expanding readership for short stories through YouTube videos, iPhone apps, and other innovations.

Keep in touch. Follow us on Twitter (@ElectricLit), Join us on Facebook, or feel free to simply email us at

As writers, we know that the only way to keep literature vital is by reaching readers everywhere. Building strong communities, both online and offline, goes a long way.

Good night and good luck,

Andy & Scott


Electric Literature

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