Friday, 23 July 2010

Who do you write like?

Apparently my short story, Salamanda's Special Power is like JK Rowling and the novel I'm currently writing is like Dan Brown. Try this fun website link:
I Write Like website at
and download an extract of your short story to discover who you write like. I tried a few different extracts which resulted in comparison with several different writers, so I'm not sure how reliable it is, but I enjoyed the process anyway.
When you've got your result, which you can upload to Twitter, Facebook etc, you can also sign up for a free newsletter and an e-book on writing short stories, "SHORT STORY WRITING: A Practical Treatise on the Art of the Short Story" By Charles Raymond Barrett, Ph. B. I've just received it myself so will let you know what I think once I've read it.
If you'd like to read extracts from some of my stories and find out how to buy them, click on the My Stories page tab at the top right of the blog.

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